S for Sausages and Sundays


The word ‘sausage’ comes from the Latin word meaning ‘prepared by salting’. The sausages served for the lunch pop up are from ‘The Daily Cut’ and are handmade with a distinct East Indian flavour – tribute to Chef Niket’s lineage. 

These artisanal sausages are made by mixing the meat, fat and spices, filled into sausages and are left to cure for about 24 hours. Followed by that, they go in for smoking using coconut husk for about 6 hours. 

The unique flavour comes from the East Indian Vindaloo masala and East Indian Bottle masala which has about 26 different spices . The smokiness from coconut husk and the traditional toddy vinegar gives the sausages an amazing well rounded flavour. 

Cooked through and then seared in its own fat, the sausages are good to eat as they are. We have teamed them with housemade sourdough flatbreads and a side portion of salad. 

Meal (Serves One) / INR 550

  • Artisanal pork sausages by ‘The Daily Cut’ with East Indian flavours , Sourdough flatbread (2 nos) and Salad

Serves one. Delivery on Wednesday, 21 Mar between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM. Pre-orders only. Delivery charges apply.