The Foreign Infusion – Asia


Invasions and trade have been instrumental in building cuisines across the globe. 

Through our pop ups this season, we want to share snippets of the history and our honest effort to replicate the dishes true to their flavour.

Featuring in this pop up is 

  • Matsaman/Massaman curry (Thailand) 
  • Banh Flan (Vietnam)

Massaman curry was introduced to the region by Persian merchants around the 17th century. The dish was adopted by the royal family due to its rich flavour and exotic spices (for those times) There is a mention of a poem written to honour this curry! What is interesting about Massaman curry is that the ingredients used are unusual in Thai dishes. Many of the spices used were brought to the country from traders. 

Banh Flan is the classic caramel custard that is served in french cuisine. The French colonization left a significant impact on the culture and cuisine in Vietnam. Banh Flan is a delicate dessert and was quickly adopted by locals as a part of their cuisine.

Menu (Serves 1)

Massaman curry, steamed ambemohar rice, stir fried vegetables

  • Vegetarian / INR 510
  • Lamb / INR 590
  • Chicken / INR 550


  • Banh Flan (Caramel Flan) / INR 120

Delivery on Friday, 08 Jan 2021 between 6.30 PM and 7.30PM. Pre-orders only. Delivery charges apply.