Moroccan Classic Meal


Moroccan Tagine celebrates itself as one of the distinctive stews in terms of its aroma, fragrance, zesty, spicy and sweet flavours. Serve it with herbed couscous and they seem like  two faces of the same coin! 

The word Tagine is a distinctive earthenware dish with two parts; a base which is flat and circular and a dome-shaped lid that rests on the base during cooking. The shape of this cookware is unique and instrumental in the slow cooking of this dish and hence the flavour.  

This being our pre-diwali pop up, we wanted to highlight the glamour and richness of moroccan cuisine. It is everything that reminds us of festivities and indulgence. Our tagine is cooked to the best of our understanding of the flavours, including the use of home preserved lemons. Our lemon semolina cake is a sweet ending to this exotic meal. 


  • Vegetarian Tagine / INR 550
  • Chicken Tagine / INR 580
  • Lamb Tagine / INR 620

Each Meal is served with: Herbed Couscous, Cucumber and Tomato Salad, Lemon Semolina Cake Slice

Delivery between 6.30 PM and 7.30 PM on Friday, 06 Nov 2020. Pre-order only. Delivery charges apply.