Big Bold Burrito


The modern day burrito is a classic example of cross-cultural interactions between corn eating native Mexicans to the Spanish influence of wheat based food. It is in America that people took a liking for Burritos for its ease of eating and travel friendly packaging. They have made a humble dish from Mexico as their own. The burrito has evolved from its first lean form to the modern day plump roll, wonder where we go from here. 

With this pop-up we want to celebrate the spirit of adopting each other’s food culture and innovation in flavours. The tortilla in our burrito are homemade with whole wheat and corn. The protein is marinated with fresh sauce. Even our salsa and sour cream is homemade! Enjoy this simple yet flavourful meal with a nice fried churro as dessert. 


  • Vegetarian Burrito / INR 310
  • Chicken Burrito / INR 360
  • Pork Burrito / INR 410

Burritos made with homemade tortilla wraps and served with salsa and sour cream.


  • Churros with 2 Dips – Chocolate and Caramel / INR 180

Delivery between 6.30 PM and 7.30 PM on Friday, 23 Oct 2020. Pre-order only. Delivery charges apply.