Udupi Oota


We are back with one of our most liked pop ups, the pure vegetarian – Dakshin Kannada Meal, from the city of Udupi. This time around, you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home!

Udupi cuisine emphasizes the use of local fruits, vegetables, grains and beans. It is entirely vegetarian food that makes use of jaggery, rice and coconut. The cuisine is developed to use an entire plant – from root to leaves and flowers. Minimum wastage and maximum nutrition is the mantra.


  • Payasa (Sweet dish made with moong dal and coconut milk)
  • Pineapple Menaskai (A sweet, spicy, tangy gravy made with sesame and fresh pineapple)
  • Southekayi Coconut Sambar (Sambar made with madras cucumber and freshly ground masala of coconut and spices)
  • Saaru/Rasam (Drink it or eat with rice, this is an all time favourite with just the spices required for this cold weather. Made with tomato and dal)
  • Pathrode (A pan fried side dish made with colocasia leaves and spicy,tangy rice batter)
  • Kosambari (Salad made with carrot and moong dal)
  • Kayi Holige (Homemade, paper thin stuffed flatbread with coconut and jaggery, mildly sweet)
  • Steamed rice (A portion of steamed rice)

Price: INR 350/-

Each portion serves one.

Delivery on Friday, 28 Aug between 6 and 7 PM. Each order serves one. Pre-orders only, available in limited quantities. Delivery charges apply.

About the Home Chef

Home chef Sukanya Aithal belongs to a family of priests in the town – Pernankila close to Udupi, Karnataka. She is proud of the rich culinary trails of vegetarian food of her community which she believes is one of the healthiest. Her culinary journey started as a part of her family duties, with encouragement from family and friends, she started exploring the cuisine
into its depths. She enjoys reading, and Sudha Murthy is an author who inspires her. She enjoys listening to Hindi and Kannada music.