The Science and Technique of Baking Bread – Beginners Special

Flour, water, salt, yeast, sugar is all it takes to create the most addictive produce – bread!
Let’s understand the science behind making a simple bread. If we are able to decode the technique for ourselves, making bread can be one of the most therapeutic activities to do!

The journey will cover:

  • Components involved in making bread
  • Tools required – must have vs good to have
  • The chemistry, biology and techniques for a basic bread
  • Make your own bread and eat it too!

We will keep ready – some fruit preserves and a good amount of butter to taste your first bread!

About Poornima

Poornima is extremely passionate about food and baking, and believes that cooking is the ultimate zen activity. Poornima is the founder of Aragma Food Studio, a first of its kind venue that hosts pop-ups, workshops and private events, which is fast becoming Pune’s favourite culinary experience destination.