Festive Recipes, Food Plating and Styling

Join us for a unique workshop with Surabhi where she will teach us few unique and colourful festive recipes. She will also talk about her experience on Instagram, about the use of naturally derived colours and how to plate and style a dish to make it Instagrammable!

Session Teachings

  • Introduction to the basic elements of plating and styling
  • Discussion around props, colour palette and textures
  • Hands-on experience in plating and styling single element and multiple element dishes
  • Learn to make
    • Instant chocolate tart with ganache filling
    • Toppings: strawberry jam, parsley pesto and whipped ricotta topping (off-the-shelf baguette base)

Each participant gets hands-on experience and guidance on plating each of the above components and their styling.

About Surabhi Sehgal (@supaintsonplates)

Surabhi is a Pune based Food Stylist and Recipe Developer. Her passion is to recreate classic recipes using healthier cooking methods and ingredients. She especially enjoys working with Superfoods and creating healthy and flavourful recipes around them. She is an artist who immaculately puts together her plates as she believes one eats with their eyes first!

Surabhi has worked with various prestigious brands in Dubai and India curating content and recipes for them. Her Instagram handle @supaintsonplates has garnered a lot of attention because of her unique recipes and use of vibrant colours.