Cook to Impress – Bohri Mini Meal

Cook to Impress!

We’re stoked to announce a Bohri Cuisine Masterclass with Farida at the studio on Saturday, 16th November, 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM where you get to learn and sample some traditional Bohri dishes and pack some away for your families to taste as well.

Cook to impress by learning a meal of a cuisine. In this series of workshops, we aim to enable you to make an entire meal for your guests, with genuine flavours of the cuisine!

Group Hands-on Workshop Content

In our Bohri meal special, you will learn to make:


  • Smoked Toor Dal Samosa (Deep fried dumplings with smoked lentil stuffing)
  • Chicken Kheema Pattice (Chicken mince filling coated with potato mash, deep fried)


  • Mutton Kheema Laganya Seek (Pan fried Mutton mince with egg, a perfect side dish)
  • Mutton Masoor Pulao with sarki (Lentil and Mutton rice with yogurt and lentil relish)


  • Kalamra (Rice pudding with nuts, made the Bohri way)

Take away:

Recipe print-outs
Meal tasting
Take-away (Quantity enough for a meal for 2)

About Farida Tinwala

Always up for whipping up a storm in the kitchen, Farida Tinwala took to cooking at a young age of 6, when she was taught how to make rotis and basic sabzis under the tutelage of her grandmother.