The English Food Crawl by Sajjani Nair

A journey stewed to perfection!

The British have a sense of suaveness to their cooking and take pride in the way they use ingredients in their recipes. And this pride was sensed by Chef Sajjani Nair when she spent her time in the UK as a graphic designer. Now having formed her own venture in her home, Pune, she invites you to take The English Food Crawl.

Join us on a four-course meal where European influences and Indian soul connect together, using the freshest ingredients available. you’ll taste the quintessential cuisine of Britain right here!

Meal Menu

  • Soup – Potato and leek soup served with butter and mini buns
  • Entré – Fried fish and cassava fries, served with sriracha mayo
  • Palate Cleanser – Watermelon and feta with balsamic bite
  • Mains – Boeuf and Guinness Stew OR Pork Roulade with mushroom & onion sauce (Choose any one). Served with roast vegetables, Mashed Potatoes and Brun Bread
  • Dessert – Apple Pie with sharp cheddar cheese

About Sajjani

Sajjani was a graphic artist practicing in the UK, until she found her true calling – her love to cook soulful food! She started her venture ‘The secret chef’ in 2014, from her home in Pune. She takes great pride in everything that she cooks, using the freshest ingredients available. Each of her recipe has a unique food memory around them. The collection of her recipes range from her South indian roots to European, Mediteranean and Oriental. Sajjani enjoys listening to music, swimming relaxes her and she loves to laugh!