Let’s talk – Fermentation & Kombucha

Fermented food like idli, dosa, curds, and pickles form an important part of Indian diets, and we have all grown up knowing the health benefits of fermented food. 

How about a fermented drink with health benefits, that is delicious too! Umami brew in Pune makes artisanal Kombucha – a fermented drink with multiple benefits. Cyriac Thomas, founder of Umami brew will talk us through the benefits of Kombucha, the lifecycle of making it at home, and a tasting session of his Kombucha.

Talk Content

  • Introduction
  • What is fermentation? Why is it important? 
  • History of fermentation to the current updates (touch upon similar fermented drinks like Kvass, etc)
  • What is Kombucha? About the history and uses of Kombucha.
  • Different elements and tools that go in the making of Kombucha.
  • Demonstration and details of the lifecycle of making Kombucha. 
  • Tasting and Q&A

About Cyriac Thomas

Founder of “Umami Brew”

Cyriac is an avid traveller and a firm believer in fermentation and good health. Inspired by Chef Rene Redzepi, he started making Kombucha at home and continues to experiment with different flavours.