Sugar Strokes – Icing Workshop

When you pour your heart and soul into what you bake, it shows. An icing on the cake makes it even more special! Aragma brings to you an exciting workshop that teaches you the basics of creating various frostings and the techniques to piping it right for all your delectable delicacies.

Workshop Content

  • Frostings and their types
  • Tips, tricks and trouble shooting
  • Cake frosting combinations
  • Whipped cream – Hands-on
  • American buttercream – Hands-on
  • Multicoloured whipped cream – Hands-on
  • Flour buttercream – Demo
  • Ganache making – Demo
  • Recipes for glaze, cream cheese frosting, double chocolate buttercream
  • Cake covering with frosting
  • Piping and techniques
  • Use of basic nozzles
  • Colour chart and mixing

You will learn to cover the 2 cakes with different frosting and carry them home. The cost includes a beverage & a light lunch, and a basic nozzle set.

About Ankita

A lawyer by profession, Ankita has been passionate about baking since her childhood. For her it all started from home with baking for loved ones. Her hobby turned into a career only because of the appreciation and motivation received from friends and family.