Malvani Cuisine – Cooking Workshop

A hot curry with steamed rice is perfect in these rains. How about you learn to make the curry and eat it too! 

Our Malvani food expert, Rashmi Patkar is conducting a workshop at Aragma Food Studio to teach you to make Malvani food from scratch. The workshop will be followed by a tasting session with the delicious curry accompanied by a bowl of steamed rice.

Take home the recipes of all you have learned!

Workshop Content

  • Malvani curry – learn the basics of roasting the ingredients, making the masala, and finally the technique to make an authentic curry
  • Sol Kadhi – learn to make the coconut milk, prepare amsul (fruit – family of mangosteen) and the technique to make the concoction

About Malvani Cuisine

The Malvan region falls in Sindhudurg district. It is the southern region along the Konkan coast of Maharashtra, towards Goa.

The salient features of Malvani cuisine is the use of red chillies, amsul, raw mango, lots of fresh coconut, rice, sea food and traditional hand-pounded Malvani masala comprising of 16-18 dry spices.

About Rashmi (@the_dabbawali)

Born and raised in Mumbai, Rashmi has her roots in the Malvan region. She is passionate about authentic cuisines, specifically age old forgotten malvani recipes that she is bringing back to life with her secret spices & masalas.