Malvani Meal by Rashmi Patkar

Join us for a Malvani meal by Rashmi, along with insights into the malvan region, its culture, cuisine and people!

Meal Menu

  • Kokam sarbet (Refreshing drink made from the juice of Kokam fruit – a part of the mangosteen family)
  • Alyacha raita (Ginger, yogurt relish)
  • Poha papad, Batata papad (2 varieties of papad – flattened rice, potato) 
  • Takatli mirchi (Fried chilly stuffed with masala – soaked in buttermilk and then sundried) 
  • Banana kapti (Crispy raw banana shallow fried) 
  • Surmai fry (Shallow fried seer fish, coated with homemade masala) 
  • Malvani chicken (Chicken gravy in special malvani masala) 
  • Prawns masala (Prawns cooked with homemade masala)
  • Khelphool bhaaji (Vegetable made from banana flower)
  • Dalichi amti (Cooked lentils tempered with special masala)
  • Sol kadhi (Concoction of kokam, coconut milk and chilly)
  • Steamed rice
  • Vade (Mixed lentil fried flatbread, a perfect accompaniment for the curry)
  • Dhondas (Sweet made from cucumber and jaggery, steamed)
  • Shegdana Ladoo (Sweet snack made with Peanut and jaggery) 
  • Shev Ladoo (Sweet snack made with Gram flour and jaggery) 
  • Khaja (Crispy, sweet sticks made from flour with a covering of jaggery and ginger, a local delicacy )

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About Rashmi (@the_dabbawali)

Born and raised in Mumbai, Rashmi has her roots in the Malvan region. She is passionate about authentic cuisines, specifically age old forgotten malvani recipes that she is bringing back to life with her secret spices & masalas.