Tamil Tiffin by Meenakshi Natarajan and Saraswati Iyer

Tamil Cuisine is dominated by rice, lentils, tamarind, coconut and curry leaves – suitable for the climate in the region. Tiffin in Tamil Nadu usually refers to breakfast dishes. 

Do join us for a sumptuous brunch and enjoy a fun morning with stories of Tamil food and culture. Presented by Aragma Food Studio in collaboration with Meenakshi Natarajan and Saraswati Iyer, discover the seemingly usual fare in a different light with Meenakshi’s stories around their food culture and the tiffin that they believe can’t get more authentic! 

Meal Menu

  • Adai (Mixed lentil Pancakes)
  • Avial (Mixed vegetable gravy with fresh coconut)
  • Podi (Famous homemade accompaniment made with dry roasted mixed lentils and kadipatta)
  • Wada (Urad dal fritters, a speciality of South India)
  • Idli (Rice and Urad dal batter, steamed)
  • Sambar (Mini onion and drumsticks cooked in dal with a homemade masala)
  • Coconut Chutney (Paste of fresh coconut, green chillies tempered with red chillies and kadipatta) 
  • Tomato Onion Chutney (Paste of fresh tomatoes with Onion, tempered with red chillies and kadipatta) 
  • Ven Pongal (Savoury mix of lentil and rice, mildly spiced with whole spices)
  • Thenga Vellam Payasam (Sweet concoction of fresh coconut, rice and jaggery)
  • Filter Coffee/Tea

About Meenakshi & Saraswati

Meenakshi is a businesswoman with deep interest in traditional recipes from her hometown near Chennai. This brunch is curated by her along with her sister Saraswati, who is a very passionate cook. During her time off, Saraswati enjoys learning and experimenting with new recipes from different social media channels.