Parsi Sit-Down Meal with Sanober Dalal

As the Parsi community celebrates their new year this week, Aragma Food Studio invites you for a sit-down meal with insights into their culture and history. Sanober Dalal is a well-known passionate home cook, author and blogger. Sanober will also conduct a live demonstration of cooking one of her favourites – “Papeta per Eeda”. Do join us for an authentic Parsi experience!

Date & Time

Wednesday, 14th August, 2019 at 7:00 PM


INR 1,150/- per head

Meal Menu

  • Roti (Whole wheat flat bread) / Parsi Achaars – Bafenu (Ripe Alphonso mango sweet & spicy pickle), Gajar Achar (Carrot pickle) / Ardeshir Drink (Served at Pasi Weddings)Roti / Sali Marghi (Sali is bought and served separately with the Marghi) / Papeta per Eeda
  • Roti with Sali Marghi (Chicken curry topped with fried potato matchsticks) / Papeta per Eeda (Parsi classic potatoes with eggs on top)
  • Chicken Dhansak (Mixed lentils cooked with chicken, served with caramelized rice and Kachubar – chopped salad) / Chicken Kheema Kebabs
  • Lagan nu Custard (An iconic dessert of the Parsi community, the Parsi version of Creme Brulee)

Live Demonstration

  • Live demonstration of “Papeta per Eeda”

About the Chef

Sanober Dalal, a passionate home cook, started cooking at a very young age. It was in fact the encouragement which she got from her mom that led her to learn cooking. Her earliest memories are of a Sunday morning when she was just 7 years old and when she single-handedly cooked some potatoes and fried eggs as breakfast for the family. She still vividly remembers the joy on her mother’s face. As she grew older, her zeal for cooking motivated her to participate and win many cookery competitions. Her biggest fan has been her husband, whose encouragement and support prompted her to author her very own recipe book – “Easy to Cook Recipes For All Occasions”. The book catered to the needs of working people and housewives and people in general who were not necessarily experienced cooks, but who were hard pressed for time and yet had the desire to have a good home cooked meal. Cooking for Sanober was never a chore, it was always about love and fulfilment. In the years that followed she collected recipes, some neatly hand written  while others put down on scraps of paper through recollections of people and events. Her collection includes her mother’s hand written books and recipes belonging to several other great cooks in her family.