Pav is special and must be celebrated! Originally a bread eaten by the Portuguese, its adoption into indian homes and everyday street style food is an example of food breaking communal barriers. Pav is now one of the most recognised breads in Maharashtra. We have paired it with a street style lamb/chicken/Soya keema, a side of onion relish and freshly baked Pav! For all the gluten free guests, do try our gluten free pav.


  • Soya Mutter Keema / INR 220

Non Vegetarian

  • Mutton Keema / INR 320
  • Chicken Methi Keema / INR 250

Extra Pav

  • Bombay Pav / INR 10 per piece
  • Gluten Free Pav / INR 18 per piece


  • Creamy pastry with homemade apricot preserve / INR 180 per piece.

Delivery between 7PM and 8PM on Saturday, 10 Oct 2020 and Sunday, 11 Oct 2020. Pre-order only. Delivery charges apply.