Flavours of Hyderabad

#AragmaPopupAtHome – Enjoy the flavours of Hyderabad at your home

We are very excited to begin the #AragmaPopupAtHome Journey and bring authentic flavours to your home. On Friday, 14th August, partake in an authentic Hyderabadi dinner spread brought to you by @AragmaFoodStudio, within the comfort of your home. Pre-order now and we will deliver this specially curated meal to you.

Meal Menu

  • Mutton Shammi kabab (Minced mutton patty, stuffed with chopped onion, mint and a kick of chilly)
  • Ambat chuka, palak chicken (Chicken cooked in a gravy of sour green sorrel and palak)
  • Dalcha (Lentils and bottle gourd cooked with mutton and homemade masalas)
  • Tadka Rice (Mildly spiced rice, specially sourced from Hyderabad, cooked in ghee)
  • Mixed vegetable salad


INR 290 per person. Each portion serves one.


Friday, 14 Aug, between 6 and 7pm. Delivery within Pune PMC limits only.

About the Home Chef

At Aragma, we have strived to showcase regional Indian food and memories on a plate, all made by home cooks. In our new chapter post lockdown, we are doing home deliveries of our pop-up menus. The first in this series features Mrs. Savita Sonawane for this flavours from Hyderabad pop-up

Mrs. Savita is a home cook who was born and raised in Hyderabad. Her family has been residing in the city since the Nizam’s era. This pop-up is the first of a series by her. The menu is based on her memories of meal times with her mother.