Daskhin Kannada Meal by Sukanya Aithal

A rich heritage of soulful cooking is embodied in the work of home chef Sukanya Aithal. That is why she invites you to partake in vegetarian delicacies that have been inspired from her hometown Udupi, Karnataka with the Dakshin Kannada Meal. Dive into delicious deep fried sajjige wadas, pour some delectable rasam on to steamed rice with tangy and spicy accompaniments – just a few of the rich items you’ll get to savour at The Table by Sukanya Aithal at Aragma.

Meal Menu

  • Kashaya (Herbal drink made from coriander,cumin,pepper and jaggery)

Mains (served with Steam Rice)

  • Palya – Alsande Godambi (Dry vegetable – Long beans with cashew)
  • Sajjige wada (Deep fried snack made using semolina)
  • Chitranna (Rice tempered with spices)
  • Bendekayi Sasve (Yogurt dish made with Okra)
  • Rasam (Tangy and spicy preparation using tomatoes and homemade masala)
  • Menaskai (A sweet, spicy, sour, tangy preparation with pineapple)
  • Uddinit (A preparation using spilt black gram powder, green chilly, ginger and sour curds. This preparation is served with buttermilk soaked chilly)
  • Sautekayi Sambar (Tangy and midly spicy preparation using Madras Cucumber with fresh coconut, red chillies, coriander and tamarind)
  • Neer majjige (Spiced, thin buttermilk eaten with rice)


  • Midhi (Homemade baby mango pickle)
  • Papads (2 types of fried homemade crisps made from split black gram, jackfruit)
  • Koshimbir (Carrot and soaked split green gram salad)
  • Chutney (Ridge Gourd, red chillies and fresh coconut)


  • Kayi Holige (Homemade paper thin flatbread stuffed with jaggery and coconut, a local delicacy)
  • Godhikadi Payasam(A traditional sweet made from broken wheat, coconut milk and jaggery)

About Sukanya

Home chef Sukanya Aithal belongs to a family of priests in the town – Pernankila, close to Udupi, Karnataka. She is proud of the rich culinary trails of vegetarian food of her community which she believes is one of the healthiest. Her culinary journey started as a part of her family duties, with encouragement from family and friends, she started exploring the cuisine into its depths. She enjoys reading, and Sudha Murthy is an author who inspires her. She enjoys listening to hindi and kannad