The Organic Way – Part 1: DIY Kitchen Garden

The organic way is a workshop series aimed at giving a complete insight into the create-recycle-create journey! We will begin with creating a kitchen garden in whatever space we have in our homes, followed by composting at home and plant care. From understanding what defines organic, identifying produce and finally, cooking it the right way to maximise nutritional value. In the October schedule, we have:

  • Part 1: DIY Kitchen Garden
  • Part 2: Wet waste management, Plant care

Part 1 – DIY Kitchen Garden

We all have enough space in our home to accommodate plants. They don’t complain about being cramped and give enough in return for the small effort that we put in. Over a cup of tea/coffee, Girija will introduce us to this creative, fulfilling hobby and help us connect back to mother Earth. In this session, we will focus on creating a space in our homes and welcoming new saplings! 

Workshop Content

  • Idea of a kitchen/home garden
  • Space utilization and possibilities (Sunlight, seasons)
  • Types of kitchen herbs, vegetables, fruits for space available
  • Containers and tools required
  • Soil and its variants, when to use what
  • Soil mixes for better growth
  • Learn to pot the sapling in a grow bag. 
  • Variants like stem to plant, seed to plant, sapling to plant. 
  • Harvesting the produce. 
  • Plant care and debug the bug.

Take home: Your own potted Sapling in a growbag. 

About Girija

With an educational background of Microbiology, Girija always wanted to use her knowledge in growing her own food. Hey journey to self grown vegetables and fruits started in 2002, on her own terrace. She believes and practices –  Zero Budget Natural Farming.

Today, Girija grows most of the veggies on her terrace, the organic way, and takes pride in the fact that 3-5days in a week “She cooks what She grows”!